Create your own tree trunk lamp all by yourself. Press the yellow button above to start.

Rope lamps are the new trend among hanging lamps. The lamps are stylish and rural atmosphere creators, and thanks to their versatile properties, fit into any interior. This rope lamp is made of braided manila rope, which is about two centimeters thick. This gives the lamp a robust design, but at the same time it is also possible to add unique knots to the rope yourself.

A feature of the tree trunk rope lamp is that the electric wire is braided. The advantage of this is that the power wires are no longer visible and the lamp retains its traditional appearance. In addition, the lamp can be fully adjusted as desired. You can choose from a different number of lamp sockets, which are available in the colors anthracite and bronze.

But fortunately, the personalization of the lamp does not stop there. For example, there is also the option to adjust the ceiling cap and the length of the tree trunk as desired. And for those who prefer a different attachment, you have the option to exchange the rope for a black or bronze chain.

Another advantage of this rope lamp is the switch that the lamp is equipped with. Each lamp socket is equipped with an old-fashioned rotary switch, which makes it possible to operate each lamp separately.

Combine all this with the fact that the tree trunk is made of beautiful chestnut wood and it can no longer be a surprise that this rope lamp will easily become the new eye-catcher of your interior!

Please note, this lamp is sold without the light source. You can order these here.


  • Lamp socket: E27 (large lamp socket)
  • Max power lamp: 40 watts
  • Tree trunk material: Chestnut wood
  • Trunk length: 1 to 1.60 meters
  • Rope material: Manila rope
  • Rope diameter: 22 millimeters

*the image above is an illustrated version of the tree trunk lamp. The lamp may differ from the original. For exact dimensions, please contact us.