Rope lamps are a new trend among hanging lamps. These stylish lamps provide a rural atmosphere and fit perfectly into any interior. This unique pulley rope lamp is made of two centimeter thick manilla rope, to which the two light sources are then connected. The advantage of the design is that the power wires are braided in the rope. As a result, the wires are no longer visible, so that the lamp retains its authentic appearance.

The most characteristic feature of this rope lamp is of course the industrial pulley. This gives the lamp a unique design and has both a rural and an industrial look. In addition, the lamp can easily be hung in different living areas, so that it will immediately attract attention at any place in the interior. The lamp can easily be hung using a ceiling cap, but it is also possible to attach the lamp to a hook in the ceiling.

An additional advantage of this rope lamp is the switch with which the lamp is equipped. The lamp socket is equipped with an old-fashioned rotary switch so that you can operate each lamp separately.

Finally, the lamp can be largely adjusted to your personal taste. The ceiling rose is available in four different colours. The lamp sockets are also available in the colors anthracite and bronze. With this you can easily give your own twist to this already unique rope lamp!

Please note, this lamp is sold without the light source. You can order these here.


  • Lamp socket: E27 (large lamp socket)
  • Max power lamp: 40 watts
  • Pulley material: cast iron
  • Rope material: Manila rope
  • Rope diameter: 22 millimeters
  • Weight: 2.6 kg


  • Length top to lamp socket: 80 cm
  • Pulley diameter 22 cm

The dimensions mentioned above include the knot as shown in the photo.