Nowadays, rope lamps are the new trend among wall lamps. These lamps have a natural and unique look that makes them suitable for any interior. This wall lamp is made of manilla rope and is equipped with a pulley. The wires are braided in the manilla rope, so that the lamp not only looks very nice, but also no power wires are visible.

The pulley wall lamp is the eye-catcher for every interior and is easy to attach to the wall. The most eye-catching feature is of course the pulley, which gives the lamp just that little bit extra. In combination with the stylish manilla rope, this ensures that the lamp fits into any interior.

An additional advantage of this rope lamp is the switch with which the lamp is equipped. The lamp socket is equipped with an old-fashioned rotary switch. This makes it possible to operate each lamp separately. In addition, it is possible to place knots in the rope yourself, so that you can make this already special rope lamp even more special!

Please note, this lamp is sold without the light source. You can order these here.


  • Lamp socket: E27 (large lamp socket)
  • Max power lamp: 40 watts
  • Rope material: Manila
  • Plug length: 2 meters
  • Weight: 1.2 kg


  • Wall mount length: 30 cm
  • Wall mount width: 10 cm
  • Wall mount thickness: 1 cm
  • Pulley diameter: 12 cm