Rope lamps are a new trend among hanging lamps. The lamps are stylish and rural atmosphere creators, and thanks to their versatile properties fit into almost any interior. This unique railway wood hanging lamp is a perfect example of this and is made of more than two centimeters thick manila rope. The advantage of the design is that the power wires are braided in the rope. As a result, the wires are no longer visible, so that the lamp retains its authentic and special design.

The hanging lamp is made of  railway wood that is over 100 years old. This piece of railway wood comes directly from the Dutch railway and gives the lamp its completely unique look. Thanks to the colorful oak wood - and the fact that even the holes where the track was attached are still visible - this lamp comes to life and will immediately become the eye-catcher of any living space.

In addition, the lamp can still be put together for the most part yourself. For example, it is possible to equip the lamp with a ceiling cap or ceiling plate, but the lamp sockets are also available in a bronze-coloured and anthracite-coloured variant. Finally, the length of the railway wood can also vary from 1 meter to 1.60 metres.

An additional advantage of this rope lamp is the switch with which the lamp is equipped. The lamp socket is equipped with an old-fashioned rotary switch, with which it is possible to operate each lamp separately!

Do you have specific wishes about, for example, the height of the suspension? Please let us know in the order note.

Please note, this lamp is sold without the light source. You can order these here.

*the picture above is an illustrated version of the railway wood hanging lamp. The lamp may differ from the original. For exact dimensions, please contact us.


  • Fitting: E27 (large fitting)
  • Max power lamp: 40 watts
  • Railway sleeper material: oak wood
  • Railway sleeper length: 1 to 1.60 metres
  • Origin railway sleepers: the Netherlands
  • Thickness of railway sleepers: approx. 4 cm
  • Railway sleeper width: approx. 20 cm
  • Rope material: Manila rope
  • Rope diameter: 22 millimeters

The ropes hang about 30 cm below the wood. If you have specific wishes about the suspension height, please let us know in the order note.